Professional paint shop with an area of 32 m2.

Whether you are looking for a paint shop for smaller parts or for an entire body of your new prototype, the professional personnel of our paint shop will take care of your order within 24 hours.

The paint shop has an area of 32 m2. The SBPE 04 floor spraying booth is used for spraying liquid coatings. Due to dry separation it can capture and filter excessive paint and particles of gas emissions with an efficiency of up to 99.5 %, and thus it meets hygienic and environmental standards.

We also store high-quality paints for the paint shop. After many years of using and testing, we have found the LECHSYS brand from Lechler to be the best available. However, the selection of paints to be used always depends on a mutual agreement.

Your comfort is our priority. We are able to provide the delivery of parts to be painted to the paint shop and return them after painting.

About Us

Thanks to the professional work of nearly 80 employees, its own technological equipment in Mladá Boleslav and the providing of services with an added value, a small company has been able to become a prominent technological supplier of international importance.




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