We will rid you of unnecessary, damaged and outdated technology

Do you prepare your company to install a new technology and don’t you know what to do with the existing one?

Do you have a stock full of spare components about which you already know you’ll never need them or which are close to the expiration date?

We can solve this problem instead of you and even help you to reduce your investment in a new equipment and to extend its lifetime. A matter of course is a support in the installation of a new technology, include the moving and installation or uninstallation of all technical connections and small construction modifications.

We redeem from you outdated and damaged parts or complete production lines and we take care of their ecological disposal. We can deal with the most of components of actual industrial automation producers.

We will send to you our experienced team of installers to completely disassemble the equipment and prepare it for a transport.

Would you like to know more details or more about our references?

I will answer all your questions:

Michal Gernát
+420 725 814 285

About Us

Thanks to the professional work of nearly 80 employees, its own technological equipment in Mladá Boleslav and the providing of services with an added value, a small company has been able to become a prominent technological supplier of international importance.




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